Saturday, December 25, 2010

Question of the Day #788

It’s like this
I crunch through the snow
Following the tracks she carves
I remember her at my age
Shaping her - no, our - future
And I wonder what’s next
And how to get it right
this time

I look behind me
And he’s there, backing me up
like always

The cold burns my face
As the sun melts gold over the mountains
We trudge along trees that touch sky

He passes us
She falls back a few paces and matches my stride
Happy to let him lead
Until he stops
“Listen,” he says. “It’s so quiet. I love that.”
We do
And for a moment it’s just
The Woods
And God
Then he turns to us and smiles
“But we have miles to go before we sleep
And many promises to keep.”

What promises do you have to keep?


*Those last two lines were quoted (so eloquently out of order) from Robert Frost’s “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.”


  1. Just two: to read the Christmas story from Luke to the boys tonight and to get to Grandma's by 1:00 bearing a veggie tray.

  2. SO many, too many to list. But it will be a pleasure to keep all those promises!

    Merry Christmas Suzi - I miss you! And a Merry Christmas to our blogger extraordinaires!

  3. Have a great christmas everyone. Just to do the right thing everyday, because for years I did not.

  4. To take my kids to Target to spend their giftcards. I told them to wait until January because all this week the shelves will be ransacked.


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