Friday, November 5, 2010

Question of the Day #738

I'm not very good at math. (If any of you writers are good at math, please note that in the comments. Anomalies like you should not be overlooked.) So I didn't realize until right now, that at question #738, that means I've been writing a question every day for over two years.

Besides, eating, sleeping and necessities like that, I can't think of one thing I do consistently every day besides write a blog post.

It's like a diary. If you go back to Question #1 and start reading, you'll follow me through writing struggles, lots of philosophical talk, surveys, a massage that nearly killed me and H (and is one of my all time favorite stories), the end of an era, love stories, and of course, late night musings.

I love having a record of what has happened. Otherwise, I might have forgotten. And good or bad, I don't want to forget.

How do you keep track of your life? Do you take pictures? Blog? Journal?



  1. How don't I keep track?! LOL. I blog, maintain two Facebook sites (professional and personal), write in a journal and take so many pics my family calls me the paparazzi.
    Congrats on over two years of fabulous questions! xo

  2. My memories. It seems my most favorite memories are burned in my head along with the bad ones. I don't keep a journal but now that I've been on facebook and writing my own blog things are documented almost daily. It definitely shows what I'm feeling about politics on any given day and politics invades almost every aspect of everyones life.

  3. I comment on your blog. ; )

    I don't keep track. It's quite pathetic.

  4. For quite a few years now, I've been saving my Daytimers. It's not a journal really, just important dates, sometimes notes and task lists. Its fun to look back on it all.

    I'm also getting close to the end of my photo journal, 365 Days Through My Eyes. I've captured images of the ridiculously warm and early spring, the ray of light in the dark woods on the day I realized my grandma was dying, birthday party preparations, my daughter's artwork, and so on. It's been an incredibly journey.

  5. A few pictures. Once in a while a blog. But mostly I don't do anything to keep track. I am, however, one of those mathgeek/writer anomolies you speak of. (Does that put me on some super secret writing society watch list???) Hmmm. I think there's a plot line there somewhere.
    Happy belated two year anniversary!!

  6. Now? It's on a blog. Before, mostly through letters and photos.

  7. Time has passed? And no one told me? Damn!

    (Um, yeah, independent study in math starting in the 6th grade. Also the same year I put together my first book.)

  8. Wow, over two years! Congratulations!
    I better start writing somethings down because my memory is not what it used to be.

  9. Sounds like your writing has dual or even triple meaning for you.

  10. I take pictures, blog, and spend way too much time on Facebook. Pathetic, I know.


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