Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Question of the Day #735

My friend N and I have a history of going to see cheesy dance movies together. Years ago, she first dragged me to see Center Stage. Then Bring it On I and II.

They're cliche, predictable and funny when they're not supposed to be. We grab each other's hands and cackle like crazy people at the most dramatic climactic moments. We're your average movie goer's worst nightmare.

So next on our cheestastic list is Burlesque. How in the world could we miss out on Cher and Christina Aguilera making it big in the burlesque world? Last night, when the commercial came on and I heard the line, "Watch out for the girl from the farm," I immediately jumped up and emailed N.

What cheesy film did you just have to see?



  1. The last Rambo and the last Rocky, had to give Stallone his final due.

  2. Cheesey and cheesecakey! That does look kind of fun.

  3. Oh! We have the same cheesy movie on our MUST SEE list. My friend and I have already begun the countdown until opening night :-D
    Of course, given my new love of dance, the movie will serve a dual purpose.

  4. Twilight I and II - the kid made me do it (really)!

  5. Sadly, I have not been to the movies in quite some time - bummer! Plenty of cheese ball movies out there thou!

  6. the first die hard is a favorite of mine. i remember a helicopter falling from the sky and cops cracking jokes below the fireball. good stuff:)

  7. The title escaps me, BUT W and I could not believe that we sat through it because it was soooo bad that it was good. Scary. Hmmm.
    Explain that to your/my therapist ;)


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