Saturday, November 27, 2010

Question of the Day #760

According to how you're feeling at this exact moment, would you rather:

1. Sit on the couch or go for a walk?
2. Eat or sleep?
3. Sing or dance?
4. Laugh or cry?
5. Talk or listen?



  1. 1. Considering I've been on the couch for many, many hours, a walk is in order.
    2. Eat or sleep? Eat. I'm going to keep eating until there's no food left.
    3. Sing or dance? Dance. While I cook.
    4. Laugh or cry? Laugh. Cried enough at last night's sappy movies.
    5. Talk or listen? Listen. To someone other than myself. ;)

  2. finish the mac and cheese left overs!

  3. 1. Sit. I've already gone for a walk pulling a sled, went sledding, and shovelled the drive way. It is time to sit.
    2. Eat. Definitely. Eat.
    3. Neither, given answers 1 and 5. :)
    4. Laugh. Laughter is my comfort.
    5. Listen. It's movie night. I risk having things a good shushing otherwise.

  4. 5. Listen. *I risk a good shushing otherwise.* (geeze - not sure why I am throwing extra words into sentences) ;)

  5. 1. It's too cold for a walk.
    2. And it's too early to go to sleep.
    3. Singing would be good.
    4. Haven't had a good cry in years.
    5. Both.

  6. 1. Go for a walk
    2. Sleep
    3. Sing
    4. Laugh
    5. Listen


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