Sunday, November 7, 2010

Question of the Day #740

I'm going to D's sister's house today to hang out with him and his family for a bit. The thing is, they have a trampoline.

Yup. A trampoline. And I gotta admit, I'm pretty excited to jump around on it. Almost as excited as I was when my friend K rented a bouncy house for her birthday party. I arrived early, plopped down a try of mac and cheese in the kitchen and went running for the backyard where I squealed and bounced like an 8 year old all afternoon.

So once again, I'm ready to bounce.

What "kid" toy gets you all excited?



  1. A trampoline--take pictures of yourself jumping on it! That would be so cool. I still get excited over the Magic 8 Ball every time. Same goes for Etch A Sketch. And lollipops. Always lollipops. Have fun!

  2. I tried a hola hoop recently. The hoop didn't cooperate with my hips.

  3. My little one just received Operation and Twister for her birthday. I think I was more excited than she was!

  4. Ummm...pretty much all of them. As adults, we forget how to play, and it's always nice to have an excuse to do it. Okay, I still hate Barbie, but pretty much every other toy and game is cool. :)

  5. You mean I have to choose one?
    I'd join you on the tramp for sure...but you'd have to haul me away from the toy box first.

  6. Bounce houses like you. The indoor ones I play with my kids

  7. I'm like SimplyV -- all of them. I love toys, especially nostalgic ones that I had growing up. I miss our trampoline. We left it at our house when we moved. :(

  8. Monopoly... although my grandchildren alslo have a trampoline, I'm way too out of shape to even try it.


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