Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Question of the Day #750

Let's rev up Wednesday with a Speed Round:

1. What is the first thing you drank this morning?

2. Who is the first person you thought of this morning?

3. What are you doing right now?

4. What are you wishing you were doing right now?

5. What will you do next?

See my answers in the comments. Wanna play along?



  1. 1. Diet Coke.

    2. My Granny.

    3. Feeling glad I finally decided on a question.

    4. Rolling around in a sea of (my very own!) hundred dollar bills.

    5. Shower.

  2. Water
    My girlfriend
    not working

  3. 1. D&D French Vanilla Coffee.
    2. Shay...she was the first person I saw today as she waddled into our room saying, "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy."
    3. Procrastinating.
    4. Vacationing with the family somewhere near an ocean
    5. Eating...I'm starving.

  4. coffee with raw sugar
    my youngest - she's home sick
    finishing my book


  5. 1. Coffee
    2. My dog because he was panting in my face when I opened my eyes.
    3. Blogging
    4. Writing
    5. Write

  6. 1. Water
    2. One of my students, Joli
    3. Wishing I wasn't still at work.
    4. Sitting at a bar with friends.
    5. Correct papers.

  7. 1. D&D French Vanilla
    2. AJ
    3. Hiding from the kiddos. ; )
    4. Having a few drinks with friends. Preferably at a beach bar.
    5. Going to pick up Stella at her BFF's house.

  8. 1. coffee
    2. W, wondering where he was!
    3. vegging
    4. vegging
    5. veg some more

  9. 1. Coffee with cream
    2. the boy
    3. distracting myself from work
    4. cuddling someone
    5. go to another webpage!

  10. 1. Fresca
    2. Someone I was dreaming about
    3. Making dinner and watching TMZ
    4. Sunning myself on the beach in Aruba with a drink in my hand
    5. Eat dinner and drink wine

  11. 1. Orange Juice
    2. My oldest Josh because I heard his alarm go off
    3. Making dinner (Campbells soup and Auntie Anne's pretzels...don't judge ;) and reading blogs while waiting
    4. I'm good!
    5. Eat me some din din with the kiddos

  12. 1. Water.
    2. My dog, Jonah, since it was his barking downstairs that woke me up.
    3. Still feeling sick.
    4. Oddly enough, dishes. Because that would mean I wasn't this sick anymore.
    5. Curl up on the couch and watch the news.

  13. 1. skim milk (but I was dreaming about a diet coke).

    2. does a character from my wip count? no. Okay, my husband.

    3. blogging. :D

    4. blogging (okay, reading a novel I want to finish).

    5. Reading the book I just mentioned. ;)

  14. 1. water 2. Mr. D 3. Blogging 4. napping 5. Take dog out.


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