Thursday, November 18, 2010

Question of the Day #751

This morning I dreamed that J (one of my Jersey Girls) and I drove a bank robber away from a heist in a getaway car. Except the getaway car was Bessy, the brown station wagon J drove in high school.

Bessy was old in 1989. So the dream of leading a criminal to freedom via Bessy's wheels is hilarious. Unfortunately, I woke before we could get the job done.

But I'm thinking Bessy might have been able to pull it off. There was that time J and a couple other Jersey Girls and I piled into Bessy and drove off school grounds (ILLEGAL!) and headed out to lunch. We belted out Paula Abdul's "Straight Up" as J spied her mother, (who, by the way, was like a CIA agent, somehow always catching us when we were up to no good) in the rear view mirror.

"Holy Sh*t! That's my mother!" J screamed.

"No!" I spun around in the backseat. And there was J's mother, leaning over the steering wheel of the car behind us, squinting at Bessy.

"I gotta lose her!" J yelled and slammed on the accelerator. Bessy lurched then sped up, if only a bit.

"Turn into the church!" Another Jersey Girl said.

J yanked the steering wheel to the right. All the girls the backseat crashed into each other as Bessy turned hard into the church parking lot.

Honking blared from behind us. J's mother's car was practically attached to Bessy's bumper.

A defeated Bessy rolled to a stop.

"Get back to school!" J's mother yelled.

We shrank in fear.

What kind of wheels did you roll around in when you were in high school?



  1. I was not in Bessy that day...but boy if my highschool standard shift silver Datsun Stanza hatchback could talk, I'd be in big trouble.

  2. My grandmother passed away when I was 15 and had a 68' mustang that was handed down to me. So I turned 16 in the summer before my Junior year. So I rolled a hardly used 68' mustang into school first day Junior year. We had an open campus so I came and went as I wanted. God what freedom!

  3. Well, I had the Kermit mobile. My parents did not buy me a car nor did I expect them too. I worked at a restaurant 3 days a week, and my parents said I could get a car, but only if I paid for the car and the insurance. WEll, the chef's wife was selling her 1976 light green datsun 210. The resturant staff agreed to advance me the $550 dollars that it was

  4. I was the last to get my license so didn't have a car until after high school. My first car was a white '86 Oldsmobile Cutlas Ciera with rust down the side that looked like bullet holes. Next I actually bought an old Plymouth Reliant K car from some old people.

  5. An '86 VW Scirocco. Loved that car! Wish I still had it!!!

  6. White '86 Jetta. She had this cool little sing-songy jingle when you left the keys in the ignition with the lights on. Sunroof, too!

  7. I had the best car in the world - a 1974 Karmann Ghia. It was so damn retro cool that I still want it back.


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