Thursday, November 25, 2010

Question of the Day #758

1. As always, first and foremost, I am thankful for my roommate.
2. My upcoming date with eggs, bacon, M and football.
3. Soso, Juliet and their parents.
4. Friends to cook for and give thanks with.
5. Suzie Foods clients.
6. I'm thankful that my life is my life. Because the grass is not always greener.
7. My smart, funny, crazy, unconventional family.
8. High heels, Chapstick and YA novels.
9. Stories. Yours, mine and ours.
10. H.
11. The badass gravy I made last night.
12. Vitamin C and garlic.
13. Knowing when to let it go.
14. H. Did I mention H?
15. A well executed, much needed roadtrip.
16. November's beach and blue sky.
17. This afternoon's dance party in the kitchen.
18. Giggles. I'm thankful for many, many giggles.

I could go on all day. But then people would go hungry. So I'm handing it over to you. What are you thankful for?



  1. I forgot something - reusable shopping bags. Not only are they good for the planet, but they make shopping so much easier because you can sling a couple bags over your shoulder and lug everything at once. And you get rewards points for using them. (Just thought of this as I began packing the car with food.) Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. • Family
    • Friends
    • Buying a house 32 years ago "at the top of the market" and still owning it.
    • Living at the beach
    • Laughter
    • The ability to see humor in almost anything and to overcome adversity
    • Good neighbors
    • The kindness of strangers

  3. The shaddock cocktail
    Our family and friends
    Memories of past Thanksgivings
    My life
    The planet earth and the wonderful places to visit on it

  4. I'm thankful for sooooo many things, but to comment and repeat what you said - the grass is not always greener. I hope people take that to heart. From LA, SF, Sacramento now back east in 16 years I learned you truly don't go far from your roots....


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