Monday, November 22, 2010

Question of the Day #755

"I'll take a five." The girl next to me tapped the table in front of her cards.

The dealer gave her a five of hearts. That, plus her 10 and six, totaled 21.

"Nice," she said.

"Where are you from?" I asked.

The dealer dealt me a 17.

"Connecticut," she replied. To the dealer she said, "I'd like something small. Less than a six."

The dealer handed her a five. Her cards totaled 20.

The dealer showed 19. I lost. Connecticut won.

"I like how you just tell her what you need," I said.

"You gotta ask for you want," she said as she took a gulp from her Miller Lite.

"So where are you from?" she asked.

"I live in LA, but I'm originally from Jersey," I said.

"Oh, I grew up in Jersey too," she said.

"Of course you did," I said. Then I studied my cards. A ten and a 7.

"I'd like a four please," I said to the dealer.

Going forward, I'm going to take a lesson from that Jersey girl. What about you? Do you ask for you want?



  1. Not often enough! Thanks for the inspiration. : )

  2. I never realized we could be so literal. Why not? Going forth to ask for what I want!

  3. I'd kill you if I was at the table and you hit on a 17! The Jersey girl is right though you have to ask for things you want, just not a hit on 17.

  4. No. I rarely ever think of my wants in life. Then, I also believe that if there is something I want, it's up to me to make it happen.

  5. No, I don't usually ask. But I'm asking now:
    I want to get a literary agent who will sell my novel.

  6. I haven't but starting today, I will. I'll even add a "please" and a "thank you" for good measure.

  7. Oh yes, I always ask for what I want, else how would anyone ever know... including the universe.

  8. I like to think I do. I'm pretty vocal. But I should definitely do it more. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  9. I do when I pray. I'm more vague in person, but I should know better.

  10. Not as much as I could, I guess.


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