Sunday, November 28, 2010

Question of the Day #761

Last night, in the middle of a movie, the house went dark and still at the same time. When I went to the kitchen window, all the neighbors' houses were dark too.

I stepped outside and walked toward the main road. To the north, lights shined in the distance.

Then I looked up. Stars sparkled. Stars we can rarely see with all the city glare.

It's been a long time since I've experienced a blackout. What about you?



  1. We haven't had one in awhile, too.

  2. We had one last Saturday, but it was during the day. There were severe winds that shut down the power for about 3 hours. It's always a little more nerve-wracking when it happens in the winter. :S

  3. It was nerve-wracking 6 years ago when I had hair color in my hair and the power went out!
    No power, no water pump!!! Miraculously it went back on 20 minutes later, enough time for my shower and rinse! and then went promptly out again. I kid you not. The generator contractor that was dragging his feet was promptly given a kick in the .....
    Of course I do remember the blackout of 1965, on the fourteenth floor in NYC!
    Awesome sight but extremely scary.

  4. I blackout 3 times a week - Thank you captain morgan!

  5. I believe every city and town in America should have a blackout hour (or half hour) once a month so people could look up and see the stars. In the midst of city hubbub, we forget the beauty of the night.

  6. Don't experience blackouts very often here but I'm prepared with a couple of antique oil lamps that throw a beautiful glow over everything. And, of course, some candles strategically placed around the house.

  7. Doesn't happen much here, but in the country we can always see stars.


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