Monday, December 28, 2009

Question of the Day #418

Snow fell as I woke up this morning. My siblings and their little ones loaded into their cars and started their long, slick journeys home. My parents and I settled onto couches, snuggled under blankets and haven't moved since.

Only W has been ambitious enough to snowshoe. I didn't even take up the invitation to stroll out to the mailbox.

It's that kind of day.

How do you spend snowy days?



  1. Same - snuggled on the couch under my Snuggie, watching movies and eating all day long!

  2. Love snow days! The kids have a blast outside. Then we drink hot chocolate, make cookies and snuggle on the couch. There is just something so magical about falling snow. Aaaahhh. to me in March. I might change my tune.

  3. ...apparently driving. ugh

    I would have much preferred doing just about anything else.

  4. If it's a fluffy soft snow I enjoy being outside for a while in it -- even to clear off the driveway. (But not to drive.) Then inside snuggled with a mug of hot chocolate feels extra nice.

    If it's the wet, sleety, sting your face snow -- skip to the inside part!

  5. Love those cozy days of sitting by the fireplace, knitting, reading, drinking hot chocolate while the Christmas tree lights glow.

    Also like to get out and cross country ski when the temps warm enough!

  6. Oh, I love snowshoeing. I tried it for the first time last year and found it was so much easier to carry my camera around than XC skiing. That's a big deal for me! :)


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