Saturday, December 19, 2009

Question of the Day #409

What's your favorite sport?

Mine's baseball. All is right during baseball season. Nothing like bright lights, a buzzing crowd, the crack of the bat and hot dogs.

BTW, can you believe I haven't asked this question yet? Talk about overlooking the obvious.



  1. And there is nothing like Chavez Ravine. On the hill above downtown, tons of energy, owned now by a former Boston real estate magnet. My first love has always been basketball. I started 2 yrs. of varsity in H.S.

  2. I enjoy playing basketball.

    To watch, I equally enjoy hockey, CFL football, and also baseball -- especially during the playoffs.

  3. Kayaking, I suppose. I'm just starting to get into snow shoeing, but it's not really a sport, I guess. To watch -- gymnastics.


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