Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Question of the Day #392

I love your teacher stories! Thanks to everyone for commenting on QOTD #391.

In Kristen's response, she suggested we vent about our least favorite teachers today. I usually like to focus on the positive, but whatevs, let's let it all out.

In 6th grade, I had an amazon math teacher. I mean this woman was like 6'2'' and built like a linebacker. And she was not pretty. She used to call me up to the chalk board and yell at me. I was always nervous around numbers to begin with. (I still cringe when customers hand me two credit cards and ask me to split the bill.) And she would say, "What is wrong with you? You can't figure that out?"

I cried a couple times. That woman was made of mean. And she made a fear of math even scarier.

What teacher would you like to vent about?



  1. My sixth grade teacher ( Mrs Woodworth) had the worst case of halitosis. I just remember every morning walking into the class room and feeling sick to my stomach from a wierd smell. When she tried to work one on one, it was nauseating.

  2. Miss Trombly. My high school drama/humanities teacher. One day, she decided to go around the room and tell each of us where we would be in 20 years. (She claimed to be some sort of psychic.) When it came to me she said, "You are going to be the make up artist for your sister when she is famous." Okay, there is nothing wrong with being a make up artist, in fact, it sounds cool but come on! Really? That's what you tell a 17 year old setting out to conquer the world?

    She really should have had a talk with Mr. Hunter. : )

  3. I didn't have too many mean teachers, but I remember a very lazy reading teacher in college (I was an Elem Ed major) who just didn't cover the material and didn't care! We all gave him bad evaluations and heard that the last class did too but yet he still taught!

  4. My fifth grade daughter's current teacher who I really hate - and I'm not a complainer about teachers. But this one gives way too much homework, cares little about making accommodations for the variety of ways kids are gifted and talented in her class, and is a complete cold fish with the students and the parents. Why do people like this even teach kids?

  5. I'm not naming names, but all the teachers who compared me to my sister--they know who they are. Only one accomplished it fairly, accepting us as unique individuals: Mr. Patterson.

  6. I don't recall having a really bad teacher, but I love this theme so wanted to join in!'-)

  7. Can't recall having a bad one! I was lucky to have the good teachers.

  8. I could not stand my 5th grade teacher. And now my son "greatly dislikes" his 5th grade teacher as well. What is it about 5th grade?

  9. Oops, I already ranted in the question below. But there are always others to rant about, aren't there? Two come to mind. Mr. Stookey was an absolute idiot. How someone named Stookey could teach algebra, I'll never know. Not that he taught it. If you didn't catch on, he just left you in the dust. Needless to say, I didn't do well in that class. Then there was Mrs. Fukasawa. Okay, so another crazy name. She was known for giving "quickies". Yes, quickies! "Class, if you don't quiet down, I'm gonna give you a quickie!" She honestly said that. To her, a quickie was a pop quiz. Flippin' hilarious! Another teacher that left you in the dust if you didn't catch on.

    It's amazing I graduated ...


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