Thursday, December 17, 2009

Question of the Day #407

Okay, back to presents. You see where my head is, don't you?

Simply V's answer to QOTD #404 got me thinking about how handmade gifts can be some of the best. In the past, she has given me gorgeous stationary featuring her photography. My friend, Riiick, wrote, performed and recorded a song for my birthday once. And I've made and packaged meatballs and written poems as gifts.

Have you given or recieved handmade gifts? If so, what were they and what was special about them?



  1. I have both given and received. The ones I have received have been some of my most cherished gifts.

    I LOVE making presents for people - it helps to stretch my creative brain. More and more, it is becoming increasingly important to me, as I am trying to remove the commercialism from my family's Christmas. I want to teach my daughter that the gift of her time, love and careful thought is invaluable.

  2. I love making homemade food gifts for people like 'cookie mix in a jar' which has all the dry ingredients for cookies with a cute tag listing the wet ingredients to add and directions.

    My sister-in-law is a knitting fiend and she's amazing. She made my mother the most gorgeous blanket ever, makes her own sweaters, etc. She made me these awesome gloves out of alpaca wool that I'm just so in love with!

    Handmade gifts are the most original and special. :-)

  3. Whenever my kids make something special for me (a craft, a Christmas ornament featuring their photo, etc.), it trumps everything else.

  4. Love homemade gifts! Absolutely anything made for me or my family is a huge hit! Little S has made me a bunch of goodies (paperweights, glittery pine cone ornaments, flowers that she planted, oh so many!). Also my mom is a crazy good knitter. She's made my kids some gorgeous things like sweaters, scarves, slipper socks, hats, name it.

    I try to come up with something special to be handed out each year. Chocolate covered spoons for coffee, cookie mix jars, plates of different cookies etc. Last year I put together gingerbread cookie kits. Included plain gingerbread cookies with all that was needed to decorate them.

    Because this season has been plagued with sickness, I didn't get it together. It always makes me so happy to hand something out. I'll miss it this year. ; (

  5. I've made jewelry as gifts before. Other than the kids, I don't think I've received any homemade gifts other than cookies. That's surburbia for you.

  6. I just made a sort of digital scrapbook for my ILs this year. It features a lot of the pictures I took while on vacation in CA this summer. My MIL takes some pictures too, but not nearly as much as me, so I hope she likes the book.


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