Thursday, December 3, 2009

Question of the Day #393

On my ninth Christmas morning, I woke to find a two toned, blue, Omni 10 speed bike under the tree. It was the bomb.

I was so psyched, I rolled it outside and rode it up and down the snowy driveway. Then I paraded it past the neighbors' houses shivering all the way.

It was my favorite childhood Christmas present. What was yours?



  1. My sister and I got matching Chrissy Dolls for Christmas from my grandma one year. I loved mine! I still have her, actually. She sits in a place of honor on one of my shelves, wearing an outfit that my oldest daughter wore when she was a baby.

  2. I was so excited to get Fashion Plates. I LOVED my Fashion Plates. I still get excited when I think about them. I think I should ask Santa for them again this Christmas.

  3. When I was five, mom and dad came home one night after Christmas shopping, with a box that was meowing.

    The two kittens, Muffin and Tuffy, were the family's first pets, and was the best, most educational, fun, and life-changing gift.

  4. The BF said the best present was a Batman 3 wheel bike that hand brakes and would send him into 360 tailspins. He says no way, that bike would be sold today!

  5. Mrs. Beasley! The second I opened her up, I ran into my bedroom, got out a permanent marker, and drew great big eyelashes on her. I guess I thought she needed a little more glamour in her life! That, and my Knit Magic Machine!

  6. AH! Fashion Plates! My sister had them and I was oh so jealous. I can even remember the smell!

    Every year I would flip through that big ol' Sears catalog of toys and every year I would put a big circle around this driving-type toy. It had a steering wheel attached to a flat plastic road and you controlled a car that was pulled around by a magnet. I waited for years! Years I tell you! One year, YES, it was finally under the tree! I was a bit too old for it by then but whatever, I still LOVED it!

    I was an odd kid.


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