Sunday, December 20, 2009

Question of the Day #410

If your flight was delayed four hours and your connection was canceled due to some historic snowstorm, and if you went all the way from JFK to Port Authority to board a bus that you purchased tickets for online and then was told upon arrival that the bus was canceled, therefore you headed back to JFK to wait 10 hours until the next plane will leave for your final destination, what would you do?

Apparently, B would sleep and I would write this question.



  1. My head would explode. I hate, HATE waiting at airports!!

    Coffee, snacks, and reading have been my ways of getting through such situations (omg, like the time I was heading to LA when the flight crew went missing for my flight). Also, people-watching helps -- I make up stories in my head about their lives and where they might be going.

    Good luck you two!!! Hugs!

  2. JFK? You couldn't fly direct to Burlington?? (Ha!)Oh well, at least you will get the X-mas snow that Santa promised. And B meeting the parents too!! Have a good holiday... You can always read your way through the delay.

  3. Hey! Does anyone remember the blizzard of '69???
    Three days at JFK, abandoning the car, finding a bus headed back toward a terminal, being pulled by an airplane tow, sleeping in a hangar( in a plane!),and then a terminal,hitching a ride on a bread truck, eating candy bars or whatever was left in any of the machines available.
    Don't you love bizzards?
    That's the way it goes. Merry Christmas!!!

  4. 10 hours?! Booze.

    Thank God you gave yourself a few extra days before Christmas. This would be horrible if you were stranded on Christmas Eve!! Good luck & stay sane!! Love you!

  5. Not much you can do. Sucks to be in that situation. We lucked out with our daughter making her flight home yesterday. Some of her friends from college weren't so lucky.

  6. I'm with Beck, I'd be drinking. I find it oddly comforting that you can drink at any hour of the day in the airport. It's totally not weird to see people in the bar in the morning. A place of no-time, like Vegas.

    I'd also read and sleep. Do the whole bobblehead, sleeping upright nightmare. Good luck!

  7. Oh, dear. At least you have each other to chat with. I'd read, journal, and play a lot of Sudoku while waiting. Good luck!

  8. If I had my knitting and enough yarn, I'd settle in for the long haul. Maybe have my granddaughters' presents finished by the time the planes were flying again!

  9. Change it to Atlanta airport and put a 1 year old baby in your arms. The word Cry comes to mind. It was the longest night of my life.


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