Saturday, December 26, 2009

Question of the Day #416

The other night, we played a game called "Say Anything." You pick a question from a card and all the other players have to guess how you'd answer the question. I picked up the deck of cards and said, "These would be awesome for The Question of the Day!"

So here are a few borrowed questions (with my answers in parenthesis):

1. What would be the coolest thing to be able to predict? (When and to whom my novel will sell)

2. Which store is the most fun to shop in? (Whole Foods)

3. What can you say to your dog that you shouldn't say to your spouse? (Down boy!)

4. What's the greatest board game of all time? (Scrabble)

5. What shouldn't be done while driving? (Texting. Even though I'm totally guilty.)

How would you answer these questions?



  1. 1) The top Fantasy Football point getters... before the draft.

    2) Borders

    3) "You're a good little bitch, aren't ya?" (provided your dog is a female)

    4) Sorry!

    5) Root Canal Surgery

  2. 1) Natural disasters, so you could forewarn people.
    2) Mrs. Tiggy Winkles
    3) "Where's your bone? Go get your bone...oh your such a goodboy."
    4) Mastermind
    5) Drinking

  3. 1) Mega Millions numbers
    2) Anderson's Bookstore (an Indy in the Chicagoland burbs)
    3) Fetch!
    4) Scrabble
    5) Novel revisions. (I once told someone I did maost of my writing while commuting and they thought I drove to work -- I take the train.)

  4. 1. Where all the creepy, crazy, scary people are
    2. Nordstrom
    3. Ewwee...stop licking me!
    4. Clue
    5. Shave

  5. 1. When & who people are going to marry! I love playing cupid! :-)

    2. Target or Costco.

    3. Get in your cage my big bad boy! Mommy loves you so much my big guy!

    4. Trivial Pursuit

    5. NOTHING should be done while driving but driving. Who are these people that shave, put makeup on, read the newspaper, change clothes, etc while driving? Stop causing accidents people!


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