Monday, December 21, 2009

Question of the Day #411

Are books always better than the movie?



  1. I have yet to see a movie that is better than the book.

    That's the joy of books for me -- the powerful visualization and creative thought they inspire within my own mind. I give props to the Anne of Green Gables movie for being the best book-based movie that I have seen.

  2. Definitely.

    I am not a movie person though, definitely prefer the books.

  3. I have always said yes until I read the Sookie Stackhouse mysteries that True Blood HBO show is based upon. I figured that instead of the 2 hours to fit rhw book they have 10 due to 10-12 episodes so they do it right and add cool plot twists as well.
    But other than that, books have always been better!

  4. No! Many think The Shining movie was better than the book. I can't think of other examples, but I know I've seen movies that were better than their books.

  5. I'm thinking that there are a few cases where the movie came before the book (Star Wars??). I suspect the movie would be better then. In general the movies don't even come close.

  6. I was originally going to write a simple "yup." But now my mind is churning. I think there are a few cases in which the movie lived up to the book. Or maybe the movie didn't totally live up to the book but, nonetheless, made an incredible movie. For example, The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I'm not saying the movies were at all better but they were pretty spectacular!

    I'm going with, there is a slight shade of gray.

  7. Evelyn stole my words. I've never met a movie that the book didn't outshine by miles.


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