Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Question of the Day #398

B is a 3D modeler. From what I understand, (and I have a lot to learn) that means that he takes drawings and sculpts them into 3D characters or objects, then they're animated for film. Pretty cool, huh?

So tonight, there's a Christmas special airing on ABC at 8:00 PM, called Prep and Landing. B helped develop Wayne and Lanny, the two adorable lead elves, and he modeled them.

I'm very excited to watch the show. Clearly, I'm all crazy over the fact that he's so super talented. And I love that they've come up with a new holiday special.

Which brings us to a whole other subject. I don't watch a lot of movies. And my movie man thinks this is super weird. My stats are pathetically low when it comes to holiday movies. Sure, I've seen Rudolph and A Charlie Brown Christmas. But somehow, I skipped Miracle on 34th Street and White Christmas and a whole bunch of others.

What about you? Are you a Christmas movie fanatic? Which ones are your faves?



  1. The Year Without A Santa Claus...always has been, always will be.

  2. Die Hard is the greatest christmas movie of all time. A sentimental favorite is a special that aired on TV waaaaaaay back in the day called Claymation Christmas. So great.

  3. How cool ... we've been awaiting Prep and Landing!!! Love, love, love The Polar Express ... and Elf! :-)

  4. Warren's favorite is "Dickens Christmas Carol" in black and white

  5. I've seen all those early ones from the 70's but not Miracle on 34th street and I rarely watch new Christmas movies but I will be watching Prep and Landing!

  6. I love White Christmas and A Year Without A Santa Claus. Well, I love them all, but those are my top 2.

  7. I like the new Christmas movies, too. "Love Actually" and "Holiday Vacation"...but it's so fun to watch "Home for the Holidays" even though it's not for everyone. I also like "The Family Stone", which is another offbeat Christmas film.

  8. I love "Miracle on 34th Street". And yes! you must have watched that!
    Peanuts is great too.
    Prep and Landing is in the race for first place now :)

  9. A Wonderful Life is my all time favorite!

  10. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
    White Christmas
    Miracle on 34th Street

    Silent Night is also good, but that's partly because N's reenactment group played a small role in its production. :)

  11. I guess I missed many of the classic Christmas movies as well. I did see Miracle of 34th Street and loved it! (My mom gave it to me when I lived on 34th St. in Manhattan Beach.)

    I have a hunch there may be a viewing in VT over Christmas!

  12. We like White Christmas and Christmas in Connecticut but I hate the Charley Brown Christmas. It is so depressing just like It's a wonderful life. The endings just don't justify sitting through those depressing films.

  13. A Christmas Carol (various versions)
    Christmas Vacation
    Wish For Wings That Work (Bill & Opus)
    Charlie Brown Christmas
    A Christmas Story

    Oh crap, it would be easier to list the few I don't like.


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