Thursday, December 24, 2009

Question of the Day #414

So, B, N and W just left the house to go to the dump. On the way out, they joked about how the dump is really a euphemism for where they bury all of my boyfriends' bodies. They giggled mischievously as B nervously buttoned his coat.

"Dad, can I shoot this one?" N said.

"Okay, I had the last three," W said.

They burst into laughter.

"Save me..." B mouthed as he closed the garage door behind him.

We use other, less evil euphemisms in this house. For example, we call the garbage disposal "Satan's Mouth."

What euphemisms do you and your family use?



  1. I'm too embarrassed to list them all. LOL

    If I drink enough at Christmas tonight maybe I'll come back and post all the silly things my mother says today.

  2. Too tired to think!
    Merry Christmas and Peace on earth :)


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