Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Question of the Day #266

Today, I'm meeting with someone who needs help starting an online community that focuses on green living. I like to believe I do my part. I don't use chemicals or pesticides in my garden. I conserve water like crazy. I unplug appliances when they are not in use. I use CFLs and never leave lights or TVs on if I'm not in the room. And I try to buy local produce.

But I'm sure there a zillion other things I could do. What are some ways in which you go green?



  1. I guess I do the usual things - recycle, turn off the lights, tv, etc., take shorter showers, buy local produce, walk more instead of drive short distances. Not too much, but hopefully every little bit helps!!

  2. I'm trying to use reusable shopping bags as much as possible. I also try to print on both sides of the paper.

  3. Ride your bike instead of driving! Use dish towels instead of paper towels. Reuse everything like grocery bags, plastic containers, coffee cans, etc. Don't throw out batteries or medicines - recycle the batteries and ask your local pharmacy how to dispose of expired medicines (depends on the state usually esp CA). This stuff ends up in our water if you just throw it out or dump it down the drain. Oh and I compost like a mo-fo. I barely have any garbage these days - recycle glass, paper, and metals, and I compost all the plant-based food scraps and such. If nothing else, it saves you $$$$.

  4. We do lots of things. We collect rain water, we pick up trash from the road and beach, we recycle, I drive a car that gets 42 mpg, we don't use pestisides, we plant trees, and so much more. I can feel pretty good about all we do.

  5. I use reusable bags, conserve on paper products, keep the heat low in the winter, limit a/c use in the summer, recycle, reuse everything I can and got a blanket for the water heater. I like hearing what everyone else does. Inspires me to turn up the green!

  6. I get water delivered at home so I recycle my "sports bottle". I buy just a few, wash them after each use, refill.
    I use reusable shopping bags and recycle everything I can. Try not to buy products with elaborate unnecessary packing.
    I have a sensible car but also love my '66 Cadillac. I cut way back and now only use the Cadi about 15 miles a month.
    By the way, I look great in green . . . does that count?

  7. As a Consumer I: try not to buy bottled water; buy local foods from sustainable farms; purchase natural (chemical-free) beauty products; try to buy products with limited packaging; use reusable shopping bins/bags; use phosphate-free, natural, biodegradable cleaning products; use re-usable/washable dusters; use "take it back" programs; drive and maintain a fuel efficient car.

    As a Home Owner I: use CFL bulbs; turn off electronics; installed dual-flush toilets; updated the furnance and A/C to high-efficiency; use quick wash on the dishwasher and laundry machine (cold water washing too); installed a skylight in a dark room so we don't have to use the light any more; make use of the sun and sweaters in the winter, and use of curtains in the summer; recycle and reuse.

    As a Gardener I: grow and store my own food; compost; grow clover in my lawn; plant trees, shrubs, and creature friendly plants; use a rain barrel; pesticide free.

    From a Values perspective I: vote for environmentally conscious political parties; ask myself the value of purchasing more "stuff"; pick up litter in the parks; teach my daughter to respect and cherish nature; strive to continue to educate myself and improve upon my habits.

  8. Oh one more thing. I stopped buying bottled water and started using a water purifier instead. I feel pretty good about that. ; )

  9. I just finished by CA test for the Green Building Council! It was required by work, but is also great becuase I can apply it to my daily life. Limit water use, lights, etc. PG&E just gave me a huge rebate on my home. KB

  10. We have a 5 star effiency home. Grow lots of veggies, use my shopping bags all the time. I have a tiny pullout bag in my purse. Recycle everything. I have been taught well by H and S from along time ago!! Actually my mom and dad recycled and reused everything for a different reason. No waste. Imagine that!


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