Sunday, July 19, 2009

Question of the Day #256

This weekend, a supercool girl nicknamed "Boogie" came camping with us. (And unfortunately, she was not nicknamed as such for her dancing abilities.) N and I gave Boogie a ride back to the OC, and on the way, we started talking about bad nicknames.

"I know someone nicknamed Lumpy," said N.

"Is he lumpy?" I asked.

"No," N said.

"So why is he called Lumpy?"

"I don't know," said N.

And I have a friend named Fruitcup. Because once, while out with his buddies, he ordered a fruitcup while everyone else ordered manfood like hot wings and potato skins.

But seriousy, it would suck to be a guy nicknamed Fruitcup, don't you think?

So what are some of the worst nicknames you've heard?



  1. not many, thank goodness esides the dd,'fatso'.
    By the way, keats is a nickname given to me by a dear friend who has since passed away. it is from my chinese name 'keat'. He added an 's'.... it's keats to my friends forever!

  2. Well, thanks to my big brother, two of my worst were Toey (I hate feet) and Butch (I couldn't be more girly)!

  3. Fruitcup is only bad when someone yells it out in public like when you're shopping at Target. When you're with your friends at a bar, even a nickname like Fruitcup is cool because you know there's a story there. Plus, Fruitcup is just random enough to be a great conversation starter.

    That being said, a far worse nickname I've had was Small Problem. The story is actually really really funny, but the name was just too awkward in public, even with a small crowd, for people to use regularly.

    - Fruitcup

  4. I don't see a problem with yelling fruitcup in public.

    I once heard of a guy who changed his own name to Poopy Lickles.

  5. The Philippines can't be beat as far as nicknames! Today, I came across an article on politicians, and they actually go by: Jejomar, Dinky, Chiz for their public first names.

    My own name "Jewel" is just a nickname and has a story behind it.

  6. I have a friend nicknamed Boner. Poor girl.

  7. I love my nicknames!! My daughters each gave me one. Eggie and Loonie. Couldn't be better:)

  8. I know a Fossil and she's not even old.

  9. My husband calls me Goose. I've been fighting it for 18 years.


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