Monday, July 27, 2009

Question of the Day #264

I've looked through every scrap of paper in my purse. Read the back of all the Suzie Foods business cards, perused each receipt and piece of register feed.

I'm out of questions. Prepared ones, that is. Whenever my friends and I think up a great question, I jot it down on something and stow it in my purse. Or I text it to myself. Then when I need a little inspiration, I dig into my bag o' tricks.

My empty bag o' tricks has inspired a question on its own. How do you remind yourself of important things? Do you text yourself, write it on a calendar? Use an electronic calendar? Tie a string around your finger?

What's your solution to staying on track?



  1. I am a notetaker. It's crazy how many notepads (of all shapes and sizes) I own. One in just about every room, every purse, the car, at work...gah! I think I need an intervention.

  2. I have a checkbook-sized planner-calendar I carry in my purse. My hubby's tried to get me to switch over to something electronic, but I still like the speed and retainability of hard copy.

  3. My husband is a list guy and has won me over. Little lists are all over my house. Oh and iCal.

  4. W. emails me, even though we have been married for alomost 22 years :) We do really speak to each other.
    We have a joint calendar. But the trick is to look at it.
    He has his "puter" reminder, but that would drive me nuts.
    But things have slipped throught the cracks lately so maybe i am due for that THING.
    Hmm I'll keep you posted.

  5. Hmmm maybe Kristen has the answer. Blackberry. But does it work in the greens?

  6. I have things written on a calendar in my family room of appts and other important things. Also sometimes I email myself. I can be quite forgetful so I do have to write things down. I do make lists before a trip to make sure I don't forget anything.

  7. First of all, when did you start to regularly carry a purse??

    I write lists and occasionally send myself an email.

  8. Everything goes into my wife's calander book. Without it, we're in BIG TROUBLE!!!

  9. it goes in the blackberry if it's an appointment or a time senstive thing. otherwise, i jot it down in the moleskin.

  10. I'm pretty good at remembering things. My husband needs to write everything down.

  11. I usually think of things I need to do while I am at work. So I email myself at home so that when I get home I will remember. I am very forgetfull


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