Saturday, July 11, 2009

Question of the Day #248

Where do you go when you're on the web? For example, I frequent my blogger friends' blogs, I look for recipes on I google incessantly. I check news at I look out for work on a slew of job boards. I check out what my friends are doing on Facebook.

So when you're in cyberspace, where do you hang out?



  1. Writer blogs, facebook and news stories that catch my eye. I also google for the answer to anything and everything.

  2. I'm pretty much doing the same things. Gmail check for my sister's blog forwards/cool sites. Google Reader to catch up on the millions of blogs I've subscribed to. Sometimes I'll post on my blogs. I'm almost always on Facebook. I'm also usually checking up on art and comments on my photography on my Deviant Art page.

    I swear if I were to ever go a day without my routine online checkups I would go nuts. Sad, isn't it?

  3. Facebook, MLB, Yahoo, Google, a little Twitter action and QOTD, of course.

  4. News: CBC; BBC
    Weather: The Weather Network; Environment Canada
    Blogs: The Question of the Day; Hit Pay Dirt
    Queries: Google; Wikipedia
    Entertainment: YouTube; local galleries, museums, festivals, and art centres; Radio stations
    Social Networking: Facebook; Email

  5. I usually go the QOTD first (true story) and then Facebook, the local weather and hunt for new kid-friendly recipes on,, etc., and recently I've been checking up on Kate McRae, a child I've been praying for on

  6. Blogs, Facebook, my publisher's website & social network, iTunes, online news ...


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