Thursday, July 9, 2009

Question of the Day #246

What would you ask if you were me?



  1. I think I'd ask everyone what a good one day vacation would be. Start with the excuse to get out of work then work your way through the day by each thing you'd do. Would it be a pamper day? Or a shop till you drop day? Or a read a book day? Or the ever so popular in my repertoire sleep in all day day? Wait. I think you've already asked this one. I was thinking more along the lines of what I'd do.

    My excuse: Killer Migraine (which really does happen I'll have you know . . . I just like to milk them a bit more)
    First task: sleep in
    Second task: fix up my nails/pamper self
    Third task: go out and finally take some photos/do something I've been meaning to do
    Fourth task: frolic about with my sister (aka shopping)
    Fifth task: make dinner for my mom
    Sixth task: go to bed early =)

    Or maybe ask one of those theoretical dire situation questions where you don't want to be in either but are forced to choose one of the two. I hate those!! Hahahahaha!!!

    Or Or!!! Goals of your year (since it's a little over the middle of the year why not re-evaluate those New Year resolutions eh?!)

    Or have people share their favorite song of the day/week/life! Post a link from YouTube et voila!! Music galore!!

    Or what article of clothing do you most love on the opposite sex. Instant fashion advice from people ^____^

    Or Or OR!!! Google some good questions!! Lol!!! Google is my answer to everything =x.

  2. Oh wow that was a rather long comment hahahaha!!! Good luck!!!

  3. Ooo Le Nez! Great questions! Now I know who to turn to when I've got nothing... ; )

  4. I would ask what your favorite brand of chocolate was and where to get it. :D

  5. What did you do last night?
    I drank beer and watched the Michael Jackson Memorial Service on Tivo.

  6. I'm going to answer your questions. Thank you for asking them!

    Le Nez:

    1. I would drive with the top down, singing my guts out, to Malibu and read a good book and soak up the sun on the beach. Then I would meet H for the sunset at Moonshadows and more than likely end up at the pub.

    2. (I'm skipping the either / or because we didn't come up with an actual either / or question but you can bet your behind I will come up with one for tomorrow!) On to the next question - I don't believe in New Years Resolutions. I think you set yourself up for failure. But I do believe in working at things every day. Unfortunately, this year, most of my goals have been very hard to achieve. But I'm trying!

    3. My song of the day is "It's Not My Time" by Three Doors Down. Because it's not.

    4. The article of clothing I most enjoy on guys is flip flops. A guy who can pull off flip flops in the summer is a laid back guy I wanna hang with.

    Lady Glamis:

    I don't have a favorite brand of chocolate but I love dark chocolate covered anything.

    Lisa D:

    I had dinner and porch talk with some besties. Wish you were there.

    All right, I'll be answering questions all day. So anyone who wants to turn the tables on the Asker, fire away! ; )

  7. Thanks for the question Professional Bridesmaid!

    My most memorable vacation is tough to choose. I've had great vacations that weren't very memorable, thankfully they were more relaxing.

    But I'm going to break it down to two. First is the cross country trip Gator and I took years ago. I will never forget Cape Fear.

    The second was a "staycation." I had six Jersey Girls visit me a couple years ago. It was cRaZy from start to finish.

  8. What is something you love, but most of your friends despise?

  9. Oh Rena, that's a tuffy!

    Let's see. H doesn't like avocado and I LOVE it. N doesn't like roller coasters and I'm cRaZy for them. S doesn't like beer and it's my favorite alcoholic bevvie.

    But something that most of them despise? OOO! I just thought of it! FOOD SHOPPING! I LOVE food shopping and most people hate it. Well, and now that I think of it, cooking too!

  10. You forgot to mention in Henry. You love him and I...well, you know. Though I'm quite sure it will be love at first sight for Lucy.

    Okay - my question? Hmmm...? What do you want to do in 2 weeks??

  11. Beck has a very good point. She and my mother HATE Henry. And I love him. And I think they're weird.

    In two weeks I want to play with Beck and Lucy! : )

  12. Strangely, two unrelated questions jumped into my head:
    1) What is your favourite flower?
    2) How do you envision yourself when you are 75 years old?

  13. I would ask what vacation or trip to another locale changed your life forever - how and why?

  14. Thanks for the questions, Simply V!

    1. Tulips
    2. Salt and pepper curly hair, cooking lots of food for people.

  15. Hey Kristen, great question. When I was in my 20's I had a bit of a wild "spontaneous" side. Once, I ran off to Mexico in the middle of the night. I had never seen the border before. Families hundled around campfires, wrapped in tarps, waiting to crawl under the wall and run to America.

    In Tijuana, three legged dogs buzzing with bugs circled the open jeep I was a passenger in. We continued driving towards a beach town and almost hit a cow in the middle of the dark road. The jeep turned up on two wheels and for a moment, I was parallel to the pacific ocean at the bottom of the cliffside road.

    When we got to the beach town, poilicia pulled us over for "speeding." We were looking for a hotel. Definitely not speeding. They took us to the "station," a parking lot of beat up cars, glowing in a staticky light, where they harrassed my companion for all his money.

    When I got home, I was quiet for days. I was truly frightened, perhaps even humbled, by the experience. I never ran off in the middle of the night again.


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