Monday, July 6, 2009

Question of the Day #243

KGM is clearly a genius. She showed up at M & J's fabulous Cuatro de Julio fiesta with super long sparklers. She showed us how to wave them around and then take pictures with her camera's "fireworks" setting.
We made an "S" for me and our other S friend.

A G for GB.

An H for H.

And a heart because love rocks.

How did you light up your Fourth of July weekend?


  1. Fun! I think Picasso did that, too. And I didn't know cameras had a fireworks setting.

    We have a fireworks display right across the street. We're spoiled to see them so close without having to get stuck in traffic.

  2. KGM is a genius! Great shots. I love the S one. :)

  3. Of course KGM is a genius! She went to THE Ohio State University! Love the pictures, very creative. We went to the North Shore of Tahoe. It was fun. KB

  4. Those are awesome pictures!! We watched beautiful fireworks over a lake with friends.

  5. Great pics!

    We sat home with the dogs and watched a few fireworks on TV. Then did a lot of cooking for the week to come. Yee haw, huh?

  6. I spent the day with my family. We didn't do anything special other than hanging out together.

  7. This year and last we went to Virginia Beach for the fireworks show over the ocean. You have to go early, but not crazy early, and for reasons we still can't guess the spots right by the ocean are never taken. Sitting on the sand without anyone in front of you, watching the fireworks and the reflections in the ocean is absolutely amazing.

  8. My kids had such a blast with sparklers when we visited Iowa. I still have some that I snuck back with :)


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