Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Question of the Day #252

Last night, H, L.E.O. and I went to Fat Fish, this awesome sushi restaurant in Koreatown. The ridiculously inexpensive sushi comes out on a conveyor belt and when something yummy catches your eye, you just grab the plate and eat it. We gobbled tempura shrimp, complete with heads and legs, spicy tuna on crispy rice, crab rolls with jalapenos, salmon eggs, and all sorts of delicious treats.

But at one point, H pulled off a plate of some kind of cooked salmon and then said, "Darn. I kinda want to put it back."

L.E.O. said, "Ooo, good Question of the Day. What have you chosen that you'd like to put back?"

Soooooo, what have you chosen that you'd like to put back?



  1. Many years ago we visited Dominica Republic. One night we were dining in the hotel resturant and they had a delicious looking seafood stew. I decided on that. The first bite tasted great but when I bit down on the second spoonfull, something crunched in my mouth. So there I was in the resturant with that feeling I was going to vomit. I grabbed my napkin and emptied the contents of my mouth into it. I couldn't resist the urge to look so I did. I prayed that it wasn't a roach because I knew I would thowup. It turned out to be a shrimp head. Whew. I wasn't all that hot on eating a stew with shrimp heads in it but I finished it. I did pick around the heads.

  2. When I read this, my first thought was of my busy life and the things I have chosen to put on my plate. What I'd like to put back - and believe me I've tried - is serving as the coordinator for Girl Scouts at my school. It's my job to put the girls in troops at the beginning of the year. I don't love that part, but it's okay. What I hate is the obligation then to serve as the proxy for my school during the meetings of our Service Unit of forty troops. Often I've had to work during those meetings and don't go, but I feel guilty then for not having our school represented. But I hate meetings and I don't want to go. I only did the job because no one else would and the woman who was moving begged me. But since no one else will do it, I can't really put it back either. (I'd rather have the salmon.)

  3. That's easy. Relationship # the last few, all the crap food I've eaten due to the relationship # last few and on some days the devil possesses me and I want to put back my religion so I can wear that freakin cute outfit. Then I remember how much I love my religion and how I have far too much fat cells on my body to pull off such an outfit so I keep with the religion dealio. Gosh I'm a horrid member.

  4. Last night, we went to my favorite Mexican restaurant...I'm sorry but it's a chain, Margaritas, but in Puerto Rico Mexican food has a unique interpretation.

    I'm looking for a San Diego west coast style meal, and not expensive beans and rice. See here in PR, Mexican food is considered a special occasional meal, not quick economical food on the run. (Of course that's changing with the increasing popularity of Taco Bell and Taco Maker-but food here is not so quick or inexpensive; though, hands down, Taco Bell is the most economical.) Every Sunday, we would go to Pico de Gallos in Old Town, an outdoor restaurant where everyone wore a bright Mexican costume and we were serenaded by mariachis who played "Mi Viejo San Juan" whenever they found out my husband was from Puerto Rico.

    Okay, enough of a digression unless I could give back all of those Puerto Rican Mexican Restaurants that did not fulfill my taste for cilantro laced salsa and corn chips. Actually, I was going to say, I would like to give back a half of plate of totopos (corn chips) that I continued to eat even after I was no longer hungry because I didn't want them to go to waste. I like them...and the salt just too much. I have to get sensible about fulfilling this desire for Mexican food. It's become nostalgia for me, ironically, it feels like the States.

    Now, if only I could find somewhere to get hot carrots and jalapenos... <3

  5. Just got back from Goodwill, donating a big bag of stuff I should of never bought that's been taking up space in my closet.

  6. The pendant lights that I installed in my kitchen. The current ones replaced these really great task lights (but unfortunately those kept blowing transformers). The new ones just don't have the same lighting effect. ...but worse, who knew that when I bought them, you can't fit your hand in them to change the bulb (serious design flaw). I've been meaning to take them back, but have instead been living with them. :(

  7. Thanks for the K-town restaurant recommendation and also your visit to my blog. Oooh, tough question.

  8. Some blackened tuna while in Las Vegas. It was so bad I had to spit it into my napkin. For ME to spit, then it's BAD. {{{shudder}}} and the sad thing is, I like tuna.


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