Saturday, January 28, 2012

Question of the Day #1,188

My friend N has one of the most coveted jobs in LA.

He's a server in a restaurant.

In the land of wanna-be actors, restaurant jobs are sacred as Oscars. Since servers and bartenders can trade shifts, restaurant jobs provide the flexibility needed to make last minute auditions.

Since these jobs are so desired, establishments can establish crazy rules. Like the must-have ironed crease down the arm of N's dress shirt. The perfectly polished shoes. And the sideburns razored off right at the bottom of his earlobes.

It's driving him nuts. So to shake off the ridiculousness of it all, he's maintaining the mantra, "It's just burgers and fries."

In order to get through it, what annoyance do you boil down to "just burgers and fries"?



  1. I'd have to compare it to when I was working a second job at the grocery store to save money for my trip. It's just "paper or plastic." After saying that 100 times an hour, you have to find the humour in the daily absurdities.

  2. I think you do the best you can with the rules. I certainly do not like half of them at my work but follow them enough to make it work for me.

  3. Of late I don't have any annoyances, so I'm lucky! But when I do, I remember my parent's wise words to not sweat the small stuff, "and remember, it's all small stuff."


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