Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Question of the Day #1,164

I suppose I should have cleaned up after my vacation. Instead, the house is a mess, my suitcase has yet to be unpacked, my laundry level has surpassed "urgent" and I have six errands to complete.

Have you recovered from the holidays yet?



  1. NO!!!
    The house is as it was.
    I did do 6 loads of towels.
    I haven't finished the beds, but truthfully I don't care.
    The needles are falling off of the tree (need to do something about that soon)
    But truthfully I don't care.
    I just cleaned off the dining room table decoratiions and laughed out loud, but truthfully I don't care.
    It will happen.
    I am so happy from all the fun and stories that will be repeated for ages.
    I do care about that.

  2. No, but that's what next weekend is for.

  3. I had two more days out (after the holidays) and on the third day was able to do clean up. As I discovered for me it is more possible to do in the morning - alsomst after waking up ;)

  4. I'd say yes, basically recovered. I moved two new roommates in - a German and a Canadian. My brother arrives tomorrow, but I'm still short a bed for him. There might be some awkward juggling until the German moves out next week...

  5. Yep -- finally! All we're lacking around here is winter. What's up with that?

  6. Holidays? We had holidays? I worked a lot during the holidays :P


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