Monday, January 2, 2012

Question of the Day #1,163

My job is fantastic.

I get to write and be creative. Even though training people doesn't sound very creative, it can be fun to come up with exercises and new ways to present information.

I work at home. So I can eat what I want whenever I want to, wear what I want and I don't have to suffer through LA commuting.

I'm always learning.

What are three things you like about your job?



  1. I love my job because it's physical and stress-free, I can still be a big kid at work (haha), and it pays pretty darn well.

  2. Since our jobs are similar, I like my job for many of the reasons you list, although I don't work from home all the time. I love learning about new subjects constantly, and the left brain right brain balance it provides me.

  3. I love to watch the kids smile when they realize they learned something. I love to watch the kindergarteners get excited about the most simple things. I love that it is half day so I can get my other stuff done before I'm getting my kids to all of their activities.

  4. 1. Meeting new people.
    2. Learning from those people, who are more industry-savvy than I am.
    3. Getting paid!!!

  5. 1. Accomplishing stuff
    2. Most of the people rock
    3. Money

  6. Mostly the same as yours. I write. I edit. I don't have to commute. And every evening I can walk to the beach and watch the sunset.

  7. I love this post! My job is the best!
    1. I'm good at it.
    2. It's always different (each day, something new to do!) and I'm always learning.
    3. It is very fast paced and I'm never bored.

  8. The creativity!
    The fruition!
    The fact that I can look back on all of that and bore people with funny stories.

  9. 1. I work 4 days on, 4 off - plenty of time to explore. Luxurious!
    2. My teammates are great.
    3. I've gotten to learn a lot about Victoria. I feel like a plucky lucky ducky.

  10. I homeschool my two youngest, so ...

    1. One-on-one time with my kids
    2. Work from home
    3. Always learning new things

    The pay sucks, but it's worth it.


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