Friday, January 20, 2012

Question of the Day #1,180

Three things that would make my Friday fabulous:

1. Finally getting my essay into good enough shape to send to my critique group.
2. Crossing off all the items on my task list.
3. A beach walk.

Right now, all of these things are looking attainable. So, I'm pretty psyched about my fabulous Friday.

What are three things that would make your Friday fabulous?



  1. Aside from wishing things that would bring me bad karma, If my headache went away would brighten my Friday up considerably.
    For the first time in a year, I'm at peace and I'm not really wishing for anything.

    Except selling my book, selling some music, etc.

  2. Okay Ms. Casamento, I have these crazy story ideas from time to time. Recently, I thought of a diabolical plot where and evil organization was collecting information on people and I thought of your blog. You have these answers, which by themselves are harmless, but put together can form a detailed dossier on us poor unsuspecting commenters that can be used against us. Maybe you're from another planet collecting data for an impending strike.

    Do you deny this?

  3. Interesting, Charlie, very interesting. I suppose anyone reading this blog could profile us.

    Since this is post-Friday for me, the three things that did make it fabulous were:
    1) Freshly washed laundry and clean house
    2) Simmering pot of homemade chili
    3) Tomic winning a really close match in the Australian Open.

  4. Ha! So true, Charlie, that e-stalkers would have a field day reading through all 1180 questions and responses.

    My Friday? Apart from battling a migraine, it's been pretty good since I just got my first brand-new computer just for me ever(!!!). So what would make it extra-super-fabulous?

    1. Being able to transfer over all my files without a glitch.
    2. Finishing Ch. 5, since it's only got about 400-500 words to go (if that).
    3. Finishing or nearly finishing Ch. 6.
    If I get that much done, I'm going to bed and reading the rest of DAUGHTER OF SMOKE & BONE.

    Happy weekend! : )

  5. I just needed ONE fabulous thing today so we adopted a kitty! We pick her up at the SPCA tomorrow. She is a black, 8 week old baby girl, snuggly and playful and we named her Lily.

  6. Crud. I missed it. It's Saturday. How about "Three Things That Would Make My Saturday Spectacular"?

    1. An email from an publisher I'm waiting to hear from.
    2. A call from that same publisher.
    3. That publisher knocking on my door and saying, "Let's get this done."

    Sigh ... I can dream, right?


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