Friday, January 6, 2012

Question of the Day #1,167

I once dated a guy who lived in a highrise right on the beach. I stood at the window, admiring the ocean view, and said, "It's so beautiful. You must go down there every day."

"Actually, I've never been down there," he said.

If you lived steps away from the sand, how often would you go to the beach?



  1. As often as possible. I get it though. I used to drive by the beach everyday and not think twice about it. It's easy not to appreciate what's right in front of us.

  2. That's so strange. Walking on the beach is such a treat. Every chance I'd get!

  3. Every morning. Every afternoon. Every night. Regardless of the weather. The weather wouldn't matter. We were in Marquette in November and walked the shore of Lake Superior as the waves tossed and the wind blew and I felt so ALIVE! Sorry, but that guy is a moron, and as he's only half alive, he must be a very boring person.

  4. Often.

    I have never been to the Statue of Liberty, and only twice to the World Trade Center. You never know what you have, or what you have close by, 'till it's gone.

  5. I would try to go every day. But then you just never get around to it, well that tends to happen a lot. It's there, you can go whenever, so you don't ever go :p. There are lots of things I haven't done yet in my city, but I'd like to do!

  6. I go twice day. Morning greeting and evening sunset.


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