Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Question of the Day #1,171

My friend, Sara's debut novel, Harbinger, will be in bookstores on February 2, 2012.

The story sucked me in from the first few draft pages, years ago, all the way through the ARC I had the pleasure of devouring, just a few months ago.

In addition to writing an amazing book, she created this awesome book trailer. The music, the the tension, the acting and the writing make me want to dive right back into the story.

I'm so excited for Sara, her book, her trailer and all the awesome things she'll encounter on this journey.

Who are you cheering for?



  1. Many of my blogging friends are releasing books this year. I'm excited for every one of them.

    Suzanne, do you have any books coming out soon?

  2. What a trailer! I'm cheering for all who write. Magazine or book publications, ebooks or print, I've got my pom-poms out!

  3. Obviously for Sara! Wow! Are they doing trailers for novels now? That was surely gripping. I'm gripping my glass of white wine!!
    Very well done.

  4. Green Girl in Wisconsin right up there above my comment. I hope her book Whipped, Not Beaten is wildly successful.


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