Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Question of the Day #1,177

"Some people are apple people and some people are orange people," said M.

"Huh?" I asked.

"It takes effort to peel an orange and get to the good stuff. Some people don't like to go through all that effort. But with apples, you can just take a bite out of them and there's instant gratification."

Are you an apple person or an orange person?



  1. Sometimes I'm a "peel the apple" person. I depends if I'm needing instant gratification.

  2. I kind of like oranges. I've been on a clementine kick lately.

  3. Well, I like oranges better than apples so I guess I'm an orange person.

  4. Oh, apple person definitely. I even cut our apples, to make them even that much easier to eat. ;^)

  5. It's high season for Valencias at the farmer's' market right now. It's worth the effort. And to think . . . my mother used to peel our tomatoes.

  6. I'd say I'm an apple. You can get enjoyment out of me straight away. But I like to think that the closer you get to the core, the more delicious I taste.

    When it comes to others, I like people that taste good straightaway, but I also like the surprise of people that reveal themselves after a bit of time and effort. All fruit is good in my book. :)


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