Sunday, January 8, 2012

Question of the Day #1,169

Yesterday, I attended funeral services for a girl I knew from a pub where we were both regulars. We weren't close friends, but she was always very kind to me. And she always shared a smile and a question or two.

As we gathered outside the church, M.B. recounted her asking him to, "Tell me something that makes you smile every day."

Now, that's a good question.

What makes you smile every day?

Thank you, Ericka, for the inspiration.



  1. Nature. It's something I will always appreciate in my life, for all it gives to me, every day.

  2. My two daughters. Every day a laugh or a smile.

  3. My hamster. My boyfriend. Listening to good music. Thinking about how things are going pretty good for me right now, things have come together for me :)

  4. My kids, my daughter who is named after my sister.


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