Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Question of the Day #510

So, I'm in NJ, visiting my brother for his 40th birthday and enjoying time with my fairy goddaughter.

I've never been a babysitter. Most of my west coast friends don't have kids. So I haven't spent a whole lot of time with little ones. But I'm really enjoying my niece.

I've found that my habit of constantly making up weird songs and singing comes in very handy. My latest hits, "Buddy the Penguin is Your Friend" and "The Dance in Your Pants" can instantly stifle a cry and sprout a smile.

I'm also thinking that I might be able to skip working out my arms this week, since walking around the house while singing and bouncing the little one seems to be tightening everything up just fine.

I've fed her food, warmed bottles and played with lots of toys. All in all, I'm thinking Auntie Suzie is doing pretty well.

How about you? Are you a kid person? What have your experiences with kids been like?



  1. I used to not be a kids person at all, but now that I have nieces I think kids are the greatest things ever. They are sooooo funny. But please don't tell my mom I said that. :-)

  2. Have them. LOVE them. Can't imagine my life without them!

    So glad you are enjoying the little one! Have you changed a diaper yet?

  3. I love kids - especially my daughter! They do amazing things for the heart and soul (and yes, the biceps too).

    Have a great time in NJ! XOxo

  4. Have two of them! :-) Sounds like you're doing very well!

  5. I can't think of a greater joy than my nephews. They are hilarious and fun and make me so happy. My sister is really lucky and the boys are lucky to have her.

    But I tell you what, when you are teaching, kids can really drive you through the roof testing you. The good times are really great, but the bad times can be their own special kind of hell.

  6. I love kids. I've always loved kids. I would love to have nieces and nephews!

  7. I have 4, so I guess I'm pretty much a kid person. I don't like hanging out or watching other people's kids though, which might sound a bit odd.


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