Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Question of the Day #496

Nicolean Dynamite and I have a tradition of going to Benihana whenever she comes to LA. It started years ago, when she took all the girls out to dinner and we were flabbergasted that someone could treat six people to a Japanese steakhouse.

Man, she was rich.

Or maybe were all just broke and she had a real job and a generous spirit. Regardless, during every trip over the last 15 years, we hit Benihanika (that's what her little guy calls it).


Do you have a tradition involving any particular restaurant?



  1. I think I’ve inadvertently started one involving Chick-Fil-A and the carousel and the mall.

  2. I love Benihana, haven't been there in ages.
    For most Easters and Mothers Days, my family, my inlaws, my sister and my mom (and sometimes other family members) go to my inlaws' country club for brunch. It's the best brunch spread I've ever seen. Breakfast foods, fancy dinner foods, crab, salads, even chicken fingers for the kids. And the desserts..YUM!

  3. No -- wish I did though. Funny how I miss a few restaurants from CA that we don't have in MT.

  4. Benihana rules! Hello to Nicole!!

    We have a lot of restaurant traditions: family traditions with my in-laws at Mortons steak and Kiku (just like a Benihana). My husband and I frequent a local brewery when we want a quick drink & appetizers which always turns into a 4+ hour all-out blast. And we love to go to a restaurant where we had our rehearsal dinner and subsequent anniversaries. I love traditions that involve food!!!

    Great question Suzi!

  5. whenever my family is together in Syracuse we have a tradition of going out for pizza, wings and beer. not sure when or how it started, but it's been going on for years and it's always a highlight of being home!


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