Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Question of the Day #503

Crackle, rumble, swoosh!

I jumped then giggled at myself.

The icemaker.

What normal household sounds sometimes catch you off guard?



  1. I must agree ... those in-refrigerator ice-makers get me often!!

  2. The icemaker too! And sometimes the kids' electronic toys go off in the middle of the night. That really freaks me out!

  3. OMG my kids toys do that too! Just the other night I suddenly heard, "peek-a-boo I see you" coming from my pitch black playroom. Darn Winnie the Pooh.

    I'm sometimes awaken by a child whispering "Mommy" right in my face. Very disturbing when you're in the midst of a deep sleep.

  4. When we first moved into our new house, all of the sounds were new. It's taken a while to get used to but there are still several that I notice regularly:

    The reminder "beeeep beeeep" of the new microwave if I forget about something in it.
    The "rattle" of the sump draining.
    The "click, click, whoosh" of the new gas oven firing up.
    The bellish "dee-do, dee-do" chime of the oven timer.
    The loud "moaning" of the pumps that pull water from the sinks and such in our basement out to the septic.
    The quiet and gradual "hummmm" of the furnace and HVR units.

  5. Our steam mop. It gives that HISSSSsssss not only as you use it, but when you first plug it in or if you set it aside for a minute. And then HISSSSsssss!!!!!!

  6. Cat noises, especially when I'm home by myself. It's like, how can two tiny kitties make so much racket, like someone's dumping out a bag of bricks on my daughter's bedroom floor???

  7. Very often while we are watching TV downstairs we "hear" someone take several steps upstairs. No explanation. It's just "our ghost".

  8. My son's phone has an alarm that sounds just like a frog ribbiting -and then he'll change it to some other unusual sound :)

  9. The sump pump. It startles me at first, then makes me feel warm & fuzzy inside because it's keeping my house dry.

  10. When I first moved into my house, the noise on the roof in the middle of the night used to freak me out. Eventually I realized that the trees by the roof give neighborhood cats easy access. They must throw cat parties on my roof at least a few times a week!


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