Monday, March 15, 2010

Question of the Day #495

My friend, Nicole, is in the house! We've been BFFs since high school and just about every year I've lived in LA, she's flown-in some fun for me and my LA buddies.

At first, when I lived at Mansfield, Nicole packed a week long party in her suitcase. We'd be exhausted from her vacation and somewhere along the party train, someone gave her the nickname, The Antichrist. After that, the nicknames piled up. Nicolean Dynamite, then Shorty to my Boo.

And a few that are not rated "YA."

Do you have a nicknames? What are they?



  1. Those are hilarious! Wait, you didn't share your nicknames for yourself!
    My parents called me Smell (short for smelly rhymes with kelly, in fact I just got an email from my mom that starts with Smell, :)
    My senior year of high school I was called Jugs because twice my swimsuit top came off in the ocean. (but seriously, I do not have a large chest!)
    My husband sometimes calls me Broadzilla (what a romantic!).
    All goofy!

  2. Fun names and I'm LOL @ Kelly being called Jugs! I never had any cool nicknames. I was just called Rena Who in high school because I was totally obsessed with The Who. Not nearly as cool as being called Jugs! ;)

  3. Hi Kelly! You're right, I didn't meantion my nicknames. Most people call me Suzie. Or Suzie C. Shorty calls me Boo. Another friend calls me Peanut. GB calls me Suzie Meatball because he loves my meatballs. Another friend calls me Suzanne Woooooooman. My brother calls me Chubs. I call him Phatz. I could go on forever... ; )

  4. Just me, Lisa D, LD or LDZ (but that kinda sounds like LD's Easy, no?)

    Kelly! Jugs? That made me giggle!
    Rena Who? That's great too! Maybe I should be "LD"oors?

    Have a blast with Nicoleeeooooeeeeooooeeeooooo!

    xoxo to all!

  5. I'm Beck to most of my friends and Bea (short for Beanut) to Pea (short for Peanut, a.k.a. Suz)and H calls me B and my dear friend Riiick calls me Beckarella Tuesday.

    Have a great time with The AC! Much love!!

  6. LOL at Nicolean Dynamite!

    My high school nickname was Airhead. Go figure.

  7. B.L.A., Angel A, Lady A, all variations on my regular name. Nicknames are cool.


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