Monday, March 29, 2010

Question of the Day #509

My 40 year old brother wants tator tots for dinner and Margie and I just got our picture taken with The Easter Bunny.

What childhood favorites will you never grow out of?



  1. Too cute! Great picture!

    Buttery grilled white bread-American cheese sandwiches are my childhood holdover/vice.

  2. Still love PB & J sandwiches, but I guess as a kid I didn't eat it on a cinnamon crunch bagle.

  3. Playing Pac-Man, and any other stupid video game, or TV game show for that matter. Cute picture.

  4. Aw you & Marge are so cute. What are you guys doing tonight? I'm going to see her tonight for my hair appt!!!!

    What haven't I grown out of? PJs with feet. My husband eats PB&J and chocolate milk like every day. He seriously eats like a 7 year old.


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