Sunday, March 7, 2010

Question of the Day #487

It's raining on Oscar. Which is fine with me and B because I have a killer stomach ache and have been a lump on the couch all day. So the rain makes me feel a little less guilty for being a lazyhead.

But I feel badly for the actors and actresses who have to attend the ceremony. Imagine trying to keep zillion dollar duds dry? And keeping coifs coiffed? Yikes.

It's like rain on prom night or on your wedding day.

How has weather impacted a special event of yours?



  1. My wedding day started as the most picturesque NJ autumn day. Random passers-by yelled to me how lucky I was to have the perfect weather on my wedding day. Until later on in the limo on the way to the church... suddenly it was pouring rain. Oh well, didn't change a thing.

    My brother's wedding was a flippin' monsoon. Oh well, didn't change a thing.

    One Bon Jovi concert a few Julys ago it started torential downpouring mid-concert and that made it even more amazing than before.

    Huge downpours making The Hunt (steeplechase race) muddy and that much more fun, huge blizzards making your ski trip that much more fun... the trick is to focus on the positive. :-)

  2. I was really lucky. I got married on Valentine's Day and it couldn't have been a more beautiful, sunny day in SoCA in 1988.

  3. Although I'm not usually bothered by nasty weather at events like weddings and such, we always seem to move during bouts of extreme weather. We did a couple of long-distance moves through snowstorms. We moved to our first home on an extremely rainy and windy day (N rescued a butterfly that day). Our last move was in sweltering muggy summer heat (which probably felt worse to me because I had pnuemonia too).

  4. We had a crazy heat wave on our wedding day (in June), and the air conditioning went out in the church. It was sweltering in all those layers of tulle and satin-I nearly passed out at the alter!


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