Monday, March 8, 2010

Question of the Day #488

How about a little Oscar talk?

I thought Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin were hilarious. Their whole opening of picking on the audience had me in giggles. The two of them in a snuggie made me laugh out loud.

My thoughts on dresses:

Penelope Cruz - Stunning as usual.
Sarah Jessica Parker - Very cool and different, but she figeted with the strap.
Sandra Bullock - Lovely. Perfect for a winner.
Oprah - Gorgeous.
Robert Downey Junior's wife had a very cool dress on. Different. Striped. Loved it.
Nicole Richie's gown looked like jeweled Missoni straight out of the 60's. Amazing.
And I loved maggie Gyllenhall's print.

I didn't see many movies but I found the show to be entertaining nonetheless.

What are your thoughts on the big night?



  1. Steve and Alec were hysterical. I love Steve Martin's dry humor. I thought the best two dresses were Maggie G's and Robert Downey Jr's wife's dress too!

  2. I didn't watch it. I wait for you & Kelly to tell me what happened. ;)

  3. Three best moments of the night:
    *Martin & Baldwin's spoof on PARANORMAL ACTIVITY.
    *The homage to horror montage.
    *Tina Fey & Robert Downey Jr. bickering over writers vs. actors... hilarious

  4. Steve and Alec were hysterical. I loved it.

    I absolutely loved Sandra Bullock's dress. Unbelievable. I hated Maggie Gyllenhall's. SJP's dress was awesome but she kept messing with the strap - why didn't she tape that bad boy? Monique looked amazing and had an amazing acceptance speech.


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