Thursday, March 11, 2010

Question of the Day #491

This picture was taken during my mom's trip to Africa. Imagine being close enough to take it? Definitely a moment of a lifetime.

If you could take a once in a lifetime trip anywhere in the world (and not have to worry about funding it) where would you go?



  1. I'm with E! Always wanted to go to Cottars Sarafri Camps -

  2. Um, I'd travel all over the world I think. Leave no continent untouched.

    But if time was an issue, and money no object, I'd muck about Europe for sure.

  3. Goodness ... I can't even narrow down to one place! :-)
    That picture is awesome!

  4. All over the world. I still haven't been in Australia & New Zealand, nor Africa. Maybe I'd do one of those 300-day world tour cruises!

  5. Thanks for visiting Crazy as a Loom......and thanks for your kind words ...I am glad you liked my poem.
    Like the idea of your blog.
    I would go to Italy....up and down the coast, to all those beautiful little towns. And Greece, because in a dream long ago, I saw the water, and it was clear and agua colored. I want to see it for real.

  6. I'd go to Ireland and Italy. I've always wanted to go to both of those places.

  7. I would go to....ummm it would either be Italy or Spain. I also like the idea of Greece. All that history...

    The tiger is beautiful by the way.

  8. Oh, wow. That is a cool pic.
    Australia and to England/France/Spain.

  9. I'd like to say Africa to see the amazing animals - cheetahs! elephants! giraffes! - but if I'm being honest with myself and you, I'd have to say England because I love the history - castles! cathedrals! crypts!

  10. New Zealand!

    Great picture, btw!


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