Friday, March 26, 2010

Question of the Day #506

My Autumn into Winter into Spring eating binge has finally caught up with me. Surprise, surprise! My jeans are tight. I'm working hard to conceal some muffintop and overall, feeling pretty yucky.

So last Friday, after Nicolean Dynamite left, I began eating less. More fiber and protein, less fried foods, less fatty foods and less ice cream.

Oh ice cream, how I miss you.

I also began walking more. But I don't live in the hills anymore, so it's not like I can jaunt up the hills for a week and get an instant butt lift. Little J and I did hike up a canyon on Wednesday, but other than that, I've taken a flat 40 minute walk along the beach every day this week. (Except yesterday. I will admit yesteday got away from me. But I did work my arms with weights. So that's something.)

It's going to take a while to right this body. So I'm looking for a long term, gym-less plan that involves flat land.

How often do you exercise and in what form?



  1. I hate to say it, but when I'm deep in a writing project, exercise is the first thing to go. Unfortunately, I've been deep in a writing project for the last few months and my jeans are tight too. I hate to even think about putting on a swimsuit!

  2. Well I'll be in Vegas in 3 weeks. Hello, swimsuit. I put my swimsuit on every single day to remind myself how terrible it looks right now and that I only have a few weeks left to squeeze into it.

    So, I've been going to the gym again. I'm lucky that our gym is downstairs from my office. I have to pass the gym to get to the parking garage. No excuses. I ride the bike, walk on the treadmill, and life some weights. If nothing else, it makes me feel less yucky and gives me gobs of energy!

    Keep rocking out the walk on the beach. You're so lucky! :-)

  3. I dislike exercise for the sake of exercise, so most of my workout comes from running around with my daughter, rigorous housework, gardening, and playing volleyball weekly.

    I have a membership to a gym...but I hate the gym environment in I'm always finding reasons not to go.

  4. Oh Suz, how I hear you, girl. I went into the same Autumn/Winter nose dive and am trying to put the Spring back in my step before Summer. It's been harder than I thought it would be...At the same time, I guess we are just following our bodies' natural rhythms in synch with the seasons.

    Right now I do Crossfit twice a week and yoga maybe 3 times a week. I also try to throw in some casual walks and bike rides. Cheers for good health!

  5. I chase after my daughter and play tennis at least twice a week. Now that we've 'sprung forward', I also try to walk at the park when I can.

    Have you tried the Santa Monica stairs?! Awesome workout!

  6. I walk the dog several times a day but I'm trying to fit more in. Shooting baskets with my son is a fun distraction...and it doesn't feel like exercise!

  7. I exercise twice a week but only because I pay someone to train me. That seems to work, though there have been days when I've kissed the money goodbye just because I could not conceive of dragging my happy butt to the gym.


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