Monday, March 1, 2010

Question of the Day #481

Last night, after my shift, I sat down at the bar with my friends and watched the crazy gigantic moose and beavers carousel all over 32 flat screens. Just when I thought nothing could tear me away from the Closing Ceremonies, the the guitar plucking of Melissa Etheridge's "I'm the Only One" sounded. I turned around, glanced at the stage, where a blonde perched on a bar stool, tapping her foot to the beat.

Then she began to sing.

It was like yelling. Screeching. Off key madness. By far, the worst karoake I have ever heard.

Matt and EMoney called it "auditory rape."

I'm sure some of you are thinking all karoake is bad. But I'm in LA, and a lot of people can sing well. And bad karaoke is kind of odd.

But this. This was so bad I started cackling out loud. Like an insane person. Like somehow the cackling would make it stop.

Matt and EMoney stared at me. But I stuck with it. And while the singing didn't stop, the cackling made me feel better.

What insanity are you cackling through?



  1. With the chaos of three kids, I sometimes just have to laugh instead of scream!

  2. The mad circus going on at work!

  3. Work. Enough said.

    I <3 karaoke.

  4. Trying to stay on top of household chores with a 2 year old hurricane on my heels.

  5. LMAO @ auditory rape! I feel that way when I hear Cher sing. Some of her old songs could turn anyone into a homicidal maniac.


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