Saturday, March 13, 2010

Question of the Day #493

I am sooo tired.

What do you when you don't have time to nap and you have to be awake and seriously on your game?



  1. I know people say coffee but if I'm that tired coffee can make me feel worse. However, green tea has often worked in that scenario for me. If there's time, a quick, brisk walk can increase oxygen in the blood. Good luck!

  2. Depends on the situation. If I'm up working late at night, tea keeps me going. If it's a long day ahead, I just start doing tasks like a madwoman.

    But then some days, I just tell myself to do as much as I can to make it through the day, and give myself a going to bed early, a decadent snack, or reading by the fire, just to congratulate myself for making it through.

    I hope you find the energy you need. :)

  3. Usually coffee. Exedrin has a way of waking you up too, but I don't take that very often.

  4. That's pretty much every day for me :) I usually have a couple cups of coffee and then try to drink lots of water and eat an apple when I'm really about to crash. It works pretty well - Good luck!

  5. Ugh. First, I cry. Then I stomp around like a child. At some point, by some miraculous force of nature, I gather myself up and decide to just get it done. Thinking about it makes it much worse for me.

    Oh, and I alternate between water and caffeine.


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