Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Question of the Day #490

So, my friend, LDZ, who is a very creative person by nature, decided to try something new and wrote a picture book.

It's funny and the words pop and the characters are great and I think the imagery will be fun for an illustrator to work with.

Now, I'm not a picture book writer. But I like to read them. And so does LDZ.

I think reading a zillion picture books is the best way to prepare to write one. One of the girls in my writing group, Sara, made a goal to read 100 picture books and did it. She says it's made her a better writer.

We wouldn't be writers if we weren't readers. Reading makes us fall in love with books. It gives us ideas and makes us grow as writers and as people.

So, congratulations to LDZ for trying something new!

What new thing have you tried and what inspired you to do so?



  1. I'm starting to get really serious about exercise and eating better. I read a book by Chantel Hobbs and it's totally motivated me.

    Congrats LDZ!

  2. Yay LDZ - you ROCK! ...Actually, you've ALWAYS ROCKED!! XO

    Ok, so I've recently changed to a vegan diet. No meat, no dairy, no sugar and I feel great! My inspiration was my daughter. I need LOTS of energy to keep up with her and was feeling so sluggish and tired all the time. I was intrigued by The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone and decided to try it for a bit. So far, so good - lots of energy, sleeping great and have an overall peaceful feeling.

  3. I started taking and posting a photo a day for a year - inspired by none other than brilliant you!

    I've also started creating art using pencil crayon. I met and chatted for a long time with a pencil crayon artist at recent studio tour, she was totally inspiring.

    Yay for inspiration! :)

  4. Reading CRANK and then hearing Ellen Hopkins speak inspired me to convert the opening of a WIP to be in verse. It was both fun and challenging!


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