Thursday, April 28, 2011

Question of the Day #913

"How is your face?" GB asked.

"It's all back to normal now. Thank you for asking," I replied.

"How could I not? You always get the weirdest diseases."

I laughed.

"I know."

"Seriously, you're the only person I know who's ever had Lyme disease."

"People on the East Coast get it all the time."

"What about the spider bite?" GB asked.

"Okay, that was weird," I admitted.

"Yeah, about as weird as your face blowing up from sunscreen."

Am I alone? What weird medical issues have you had?



  1. I was in a meeting once and was sucking on a lollipop the whole time. Towards the very end of the meeting someone asked me a question and when I went to pull the lollipop out of my mouth I gave it a little twist for some reason. I'd licked it down into a thin sharp candy and when I did that twist it sliced my tounge open. I couldn't talk without blood pouring out of my mouth. I finally had to go to the doctor for them to spray some stuff on it to numb it and make it stop bleeding.

    What's worse - work made me fill out a workers comp report for for it because the injury happened during a work event.

  2. I don't, but my poor daughter has been to six different specialists. Every time an illness (or something medical) happens in our family of five, it's usually her, poor thing. But luckily after epilepsy, a kidney removal, and more, she is one normal, very spunky little girl!

  3. I'm pretty normal - medically speaking - but my mom has had far too many unusual medical things. Tearing a hamstring just by falling wrong. A rare retinal bleeding. A benign tumor in the most inoperable place. You become used to hearing, "well, we don't see this often but..."

  4. Well...I have Crohn's disease...which came out of the blue about four years ago. And I seem to be doing well. So no concerns there.

    As for bites, it's my sister. She's been bitten by just about everything, including a baby octopus and a tarantula.

  5. Too many to talk about.
    Nuclear therapy anyone?
    Would you like mesh of shall we tack it up to your tail bone? Or maybe both ;)

  6. I broke out in a weird rash during my first pregnancy and had a goiter form on my neck. It grew as big as a grapefruit and I had to get it sliced out. I wore turtlenecks and scarves forEVER.

  7. I also broke out in a weird rash during my first pregnancy. We think it was from the water softener. Years before that, I had the same reaction when I got sprayed with saline while working at a pet clinic. Must be the salt.


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