Friday, April 15, 2011

Question of the Day #900

The other night, at my client's house, I noticed that a dish of gourmet jelly beans had been put out on an entry table.

I grabbed a handful on my way to the kitchen. Pink tasted like cotton candy. Purple like grapes. Blue like some kind of sweet heaven.

I was instantly transported to the year Jelly Bellys launched and I became obsessed with Jelly beans. My father used to take me to a candy store where huge bins dispensed coconut, pineapple and bubble gum flavored jelly beans. We'd hold white paper bags under the spouts and fill them, part way, then look at each other.

"A little more?"

What candy transports you back to your childhood?



  1. I've taken my kids on a tour of the Jelly Belly factory! Fun!
    Bubble gum takes me back.
    Got a post about JARED on the blog today! :)

  2. Candy dots, big red waxed flavored lips, gum drops and candy cigarettes! Good Grief ;) How times have changed.

  3. Mary Janes, candy dots, and...candy cigarettes!

  4. Chocolate Easter eggs. My family had a thing for them.

  5. Snickers after my baseball games....

  6. Laffy Taffy at the roller rink, Hubba Bubba that would lose flavor after 5 minutes, those dots you had to scrap off the paper with your teeth, waxy soda pop bottles that gushed some sort of sugar liquid, and, my all time fav, Bull's Eyes!

  7. There are these little candies called Chocolate Babies. They're very much like Tootsie Rolls and I'd buy them from a little market near my grandparent's house. They still sell them online and I got some for nostalgia sake a few years back.


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