Saturday, April 16, 2011

Question of the Day #901

Woohoo!!! It's HOT! That's right, a fabulous 80 degrees at the beach! Which if you live in So Cal, you know is a downright rarity.

I'm spinning with glee. Skipping instead of walking. Singing with joy. A hot day makes a simple thing, like sipping water, totally awesome.

Obviously, nothing makes me happier than hot weather.

How do you feel about hot weather?



  1. I totally should've flown to LA to see you this April vacation!!! It's still so chilly here!

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!

  2. I feel hot when its hot - cold when its cold - just right when in SoCal

  3. I love Southern CA. Here in GA, the heat combined with the humidity is stifling. We don't spend much time outside in the Summer. :(

  4. I much prefer hot weather to cold. It's much easier for me to cool off when it's hot that to warm up when it's cold.

  5. Like the beach, dont miss the smog...

  6. I love heat, but like Beck says, the heat and humidity combination can be too much in the deep south. I miss the CA heat. I love CA weather. Perfect!


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